Girls Golf Rocks

This is a Girls Golf Rocks venue for 2022.

New members are always welcome and we are have a thriving junior section and special offers to encourage young adults to join Wanstead.

We actively encourage younger members to take up golf and are fully compliant with all England Golf Safeguarding requirements and fully certified. Providing a great opportunity for young people to learn a skill for life.

The club has some 650 members comprising of full, midweek, lifestyle, lady, junior, senior and social members. Of special interest is that Sir Winston Churchill was an Honorary member and to date the club has provided 3 Ryder Cup Professionals from its ranks (Percy Alliss, Alan Dailey and Lionel Platts). In 1946 Jean Hetherington, club member won the Ladies Open Championship. Additionally Darren Lee won the Amateur Medal in the 1996 British Open and Simon Khan, twice European Tour winner, is a former club member.